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chauchard tea

can i drink regular green tea instead of the chauchard tea? sorry but i don't like the taste of it.

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Yes you can take this iced @ CMD929 :)

Can I take this iced? I usually bring a thermos of water around. Can I replace this with iced chauchard tea instead?

It wouldn't be as effective as the Chauchard tea for the diet but yes, you can drink green tea. According to our Nutrition Experts, @charmaineanne mentioned that "[...] you can opt to have green tea instead" and @sharonfaith that "You can use any plain unsweetened green tea and herbal teas available in the market. You can also substitute the herbs in the recipe with other herbs (1 tsp per 1 liter of water). "

However, if you are willing to stick to Chauchard Tea, @charmaineanne said that "You can add stevia to sweeten it up.". I personally like the suggestion @ladymayo mentioned below about adding Pandan leaves! I might try this addition next week. In another post, @nynyn612 has also been adding cinnamon barks and/or coco sugar in her tea.

Hope this helps!

Why don't you try adding pandan leaves when you boil the star anise, thyme and rosemarie in water?I got so tired of the taste of the Chauchard tea and asked if adding pandan would be okay. I was given the go signal by Charmaine. The pandan leaves improved the taste of the Chauchard tea. In fact, I have started to love it already!


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