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FORUM: Sports and Exercise

Getting Motivated to Exercise Even When Alone

I know that there are some people who do not get motivated to exercise especially when they do not have someone to exercise with. I used to attend group aerobics sessions in the gym but due to work schedules, I stopped going to the gym. After so many years of not exercising, finally my husband got our old treadmill repaired and now I do a 30 minute treadmill workout three times a week as soon as I get home from work. To me, the treadmill is the best companion for exercise especially when you play your favorite music while you exercise.It is a good investment. We are lucky because our treadmill is given to us by my brother. I love the songs from Mamma Mia- especially "Dancing Queen" and they really perk me up while doing the treadmill. It's having fun while sweating it out.A great workout indeed!

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