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Keeping your "BAON" warm

Ever since I started bringing "baon" to work, I experienced problems in keeping my food warm until the time I consume it. I found a great product - brand is Tiger made in Japan - which keeps my cooked food warm. It is pricey though but I think it is worth it since I will be using it for a long time. It appears like an airpot and when you remove the cover, you will find three containers inside- one for soup, one for rice/veggies and one for the viand.

There is also a small size Thermos brand insulated container which you can get to put in the Chauchard tea (good for 2 big cups of tea). It can fit your bag. It is so convenient to bring along with you especially when you need to go malling or even when you go to parties.

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Great tips! :) I love those insulated/Thermos containers. Have a great deal of nostalgia. I almost wish I could use them again, even if we already have a microwave in the office. :)


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