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Dark Chocolate 72% Cacao

Hey guys, I'm pleased to share with you that you can get a big bar of dark chocolate with 72% cacao at only P95.00 at the Landmark supermarket. The brand is Villars made in Switzerland. I think it is a great find! I have already did the rounds of several supermarkets such as Rustan's, Santi's, Mercury drugstore which also carry dark chocolate with 70% cacao but their prices range from P120.00 to P160.00.

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I sometimes see Malagos at weekend stalls, especially inside malls. :)

Malagos chocolate is also good. You can order online. It's a bit expensive, but this is homegrown and organic.

Villars Dark Chocolate 72% cacao costs only P95.70 at the Landmark supermarket at Trinoma.

@Ro_Jim: 75% cacao is actually better. The higher % there is, the higher concentration of chocolate vs milk. It's definitely okay to choose 75% dark chocolate :)

is it ok to consume 75% cacao dark chocolate instead of 70% ? would it make any difference or would it affect our weight loss?

:) ;) thanks for sharing.. im buying villar chocolate at shopwise and it cost about p120..



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