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Adding ZEST to meals for Blood Type O

I am on my 6th week on the CGN program and I would like to share some creative ideas to put zest to some of the meals designed for my co-Type Blood O members. Here they are:

For fish dish: Cook 120g cream dory in 1 tsp olive oil and when fully cooked, keep it on the pan and add on top 1 tbsp of a mixture of mashed tomatoes, oregano, basil, garlic and pepper. Top it with a dash of mozarella cheese and wait until it is melted. Serve it hot. It is really yummy!

For days when we are allowed to eat 2 slices of rye bread during lunch, we can create bruschetta! Prepare 50 grams of rye bread (2 slices); spread on top a thin layer of olive oil and add a mixture of chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro and basil. IF you wish to add mozarella on top, you'll produce pizza!

The CGN recipe Mexican ground beef is delightful. Try applying the recipe to beef strips instead of ground beef and you'll love it as well. Same with chicken strips! It's like eating chili minus the beans!

If you experience constipation when taking soy milk with your oat bran, take almond milk instead. When you get tired of eating oat bran every breakfast, sprinkle it with cinnamon and you will love the aroma.

I hope the above ideas will somehow contribute to motivate you more in this journey!Enjoy!

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Thanks for the tip Charmaine!My niece who is a vegan chef gave us a bottle of coco nectar. I will try it in my oat bran tomorrow.

Very nice tips @ladymayo! Good job! :)

I agree that oat bran can be bland especially if eaten everyday. You can also make our Oat Bran Pancake recipe found in our Recipes page. You may occasionally add a sprinkle of coco sugar (or cinnamon-coco sugar combination) and vanilla extract to liven up the taste :)


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