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Hi, I am on week 1 of my diet and I have several questions.

1. Chauchard Tea - the recipe calls for 1 litter of H2O and its says it is equivalent to one drink. Does that mean that I should take 1 liter of tea after each meal?
2. Homemade Vinaigrette - It was suggested to make plenty for future use. If that is the case, how many is one serving per meal?
3. Dark Choco - what is the measurement of one square as there are different sizes of one block or square per brand of chocolate; is it ok if it has mint flavour?
4. Marinated chicken - is the turmeric powder crucial to the recipe or can i forgo this?
5. Low fat soy cream - was not able to find this in the grocery store. Where can I buy this or is there a substitute for this?
6. Wine vinegar - is rice wine vinegar ok to use?
7. Vinegar for salad dressing - is cane vinegar ok to use?
8. Herbs - if fresh herbs are not available, can I use the dried herbs instead? If yes, what will be the equivalent measurement?
9. Poached egg - can I just boil the egg?
10. Veggies for breakfast - what is the serving size?
11. Oat bran - the one I got needs to be boiled. Any tip on how to economise on the cooking as the serving is only two tablespoons

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@ My_Melody: actually we are not so particular with the size of weight of a dark chocolate square. It is okay to just follow the markings on the chocolate bar. On the average, 1 square of dark choco should be about 10-15 g.

thanks victoria :) do you know the answer for #3 the size of the chocolate?

I'll answer what I can, and for the rest, it's best to consult your dietitian. :D

4. You can omit it if you don't have it, but it is easy to find in the grocery store (and cheap)
5-7. Yes
8. Use half the measurement of fresh when using dried herbs.
9. Yes
10. As much as you can eat
11. Cook a batch for the week and store the rest in the fridge. It should be easy to cook too in a microwave for a few seconds

Richsam's questions are the common questions most new members encounter. Is it possible to post the answers here?

Thanks Jaz! Actually, Healthy Options is one of the go-to stores of our community members. Lots of choices there. :)

Try Healthy Options for Non-fat Soya milk.

@ Richsam: I believe I have already answered some of these concerns you also sent using your personal questions tool.
@ mamandin: it would be best to use your personal questions tool for specific questions like this. ;) This way, our answers will be archived in your own profile too, and can serve as reference for future concerns. Also some answers are specific based on your blood type. :-q

hi richsam,i noticed we have the same concerns.


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