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Hi, I'm a breastfeeding Mom to a 5 month old baby. I've researched a bit and found that star anise is harmful to babies when Moms take them.

Can I remove it from the Tea? Are there any other alternatives?

Before deciding to go on this diet, I asked if this whole thing is safe for my baby. Is it really? I'm quite worried

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@myshia: can you share the article you read about the subject?

Actually not enough is known if the use of star anise is completely safe or completely harmful for pregnant of breastfeeding women and their babies. So far, the Japanese star anise is considered as the poisonous kind while the Chinese star anise usually used as ingredient for pata tim, and the preferred ingredient for the Chauchard tea, is considered as safe.

To be on the safe side, you can replace Chauchard tea with green tea.


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