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Let's share supermarket products that you recommend and are in line with the CGN Diet. :D

I'll start with this low-GI coco sugar raw chocolate bar that we have at the café over here at the BelleToday office.
It's only 60 calories per bar!
It's also non-dairy and vegan. :)
You can order it at their website online:

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For the dark chocolate 70% cacao, I recommend the brands Valor, Villars and Munz. Valor and Villars are available at the Landmark Supermarket while Munz is available at Santi's.
For the oat bran, I recommend Australia Harvest which is available in Landmark Supermarket and Shopwise.
For vegetable drink, I recommend Harvey Fresh 100% carrot juice with no added sugar.
For almond milk, I recommend Blue Diamond unsweetened almond milk which is available in the Landmark supermarket and Ever Gotesco supermarket.

For people looking for Stevia, I found this at Metro Gaisano supermarket:

Chocolate - Valor - dark chocolate with mint 70% cocoa - groceries
Oat Bran - Arrowhead Mills - Healthy options.
Vegetable Juice - Harvey's Carrot Juice - groceries
Soy milk - Australia's soy milk, organic - groceries

@ meApharmacist: You can eat half of the coconut chocolate bar in place of 2 squares 70% dark choco for your 4 PM snack :)

One client found this vegetable juice in Healthy Options. This one is pure vegetable juice, compared to others that are a mixture of vegetable and fruit juice.

There is another one locally made -- Magdalena's 70% Cacao Bean Chocolate - non- dailry.. Available at Centris SIDCOR on Sundays, Connie's Kitchen on Boradway, and others. Google them!

Wow finally i can eat chocolate bar.. Is this okay for our coach as snack? Or this will be considered as joker..ü


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