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Has your bowel movement been irregular lately? Here are some tips you may find helpful:

- Increase your water intake, especially if you're new to taking oat bran. it facilitates the flow of food through the intestines.
- Walk. If you have been sitting all day, a little walk in the morning or afternoon will help facilitate the movement of bowel from your tummy to intestine.
- Don't ignore the urge to have a bowel movement.

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Yes, plenty of eater and hi fiber should facilitate bowel movement.

But here is another trick. Put a low stool in front of the toilet bowl so when seated on the throne, you can put you feet on the stool so your knees are about chest level. Simulate a squatting position which is the best position for bowel movement. It straightens the colon and gravity will allow the stools to be eliminated more easily! :-)

Otherwise, occasional glycerine suppositories if in a hurry!

Actually i am. I am just wondering because i have been drinking tons of water everyday and oatbran everyday.. Is this because i ate few lang. :^> hehehe


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