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Is kutsinta made from brown rice??? Sorry ha, i really dont know eh. I am just curious if this is okay to eat esp if you are under PHASE 2... I just saw this link lang kasi.. :D

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Thanks charmaine. I love red rice! It has a nutty flavor. Even black rice called 'forbidden' rice is very good!

Also, take note that about white rice vs. brown rice, and about eating brown rice at all because of a higher GI....

What we are also considering is the fiber content of it, and brown rice being a complex carbs that's a good source of energy. This is why it is highly recommended.

So don't have second thoughts about your brown rice just because of the GI :)

Hi all,

Most commonly sold Kutsinta are made from white rice flour with brown sugar and atsuete, thus giving it a distinct orange color.

Remember, the more processed the starch is, the higher the GI. Thus, rice cakes made from rice flour are higher in GI than white or brown rice.

In any case, you may occasionally have kutsinta during Phase 2 as snack, but only a piece as a Joker!

Hope I made it clear to everyone!


Yes, by a few points, but still within the high GI range.
The ones listed as medium GI in our list in the bonus page are brown basmati rice and red rice, which is even more unpolished than brown rice. :) Though even I admit I don't enjoy red rice!

I thought Gi of brown rice was not as high as white rice?

I think "brown" here just refers to the color of the rice cake. :) The recipe says it's made of rice flour. In either case, both white and brown rice and also rice flour are high GI.


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