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Making my own Vegetable Juice?

I've been receiving a lot of concerns about Vegetable Juice...

..where can I find it? What is a good brand to use, etc...

The usual brands you can find at supermarkets are V8, Tipco and Malee, which are relatively okay to have, but they contain fruits and some sugars.

The best is to make your own vegetable juice. Make it calcium-packed with any of the combination of:

Carrots, Celery, Spinach, Cucumbers, Lemon, Beetroots.


On other news,

Hesitant to eat your breakfast veggies? Why don't you try to juice them instead? :)

Blood Type A : cucumber-carrots-lettuce juice
Blood Type B : cucumber-carrots-lettuce juice also
Blood Type O : cucumber-tomato-carrots-lettuce juice
Blood Type AB: cucumber-carrots-lettuce juice also

Anyone here tried it yet?

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@DeedeePitahin: Yes, you can do a smoothie instead of making a juice out of the vegetables. You can add some water but don't add any sugar or syrup with it.

Hi, I have a personal oster blender. Can I just prepare a smoothie instead of juicing the veggies you just identified?

Spotted this in my old classmate's Instagram...she's a juicing enthusiast, and her Jack LaLanne juicer broke down. Remember that, the one that costs about 12k? Yikes! She recently bought an Imarflex juicer to replace it, and it only costs 2k! She said it's comparable to the expensive Jack LaLanne one!


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