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CGN diet vs PMS (Type O)

I am trying to find a discussion about this but can't find any.. How do you handle cravings because of PMS during your diet?

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Crazy, indeed!

I've tried eating nuts and fruits in between when i crave and it's working :)) I try to also stay away from the junk food section in the groceries and ensured my ref has fruits only. So far so good. :)

I also bring nuts and fruits when going to the mall or watching a movie :-q

its really hard when you have this PMS thing. it will make you really crazy.. it will make you depress... :-bd :(

Good plan! :-q

yikes, tiis tiis it is then :^>

Panira talaga siya ng diet :-bd

Though, I think I can withstand eating fruits or nuts based on my plan and phase. But too many may result to more sugar intake from fruits and more salt from nuts, need to get plain nuts instead.

Remind self - I'll thy that and bring out my swim wear from 10 years ago! hahaha!

OR just cook my meal for the next 2 days which may equate to 30 mins of jog or yoga? :)

Writing down what I craved for and ate may also help monitor how much of it I consumed for the day..

Run away from your cravings, literally. hehe

Jog or yoga your cravings away. Try if it will work :)

Cravings are driving me crazy... panira ng diet... :-bd

but its up to you how you would handle it.. on my case, i say it out loud ( i mean not too loud but enough for me to hear it heheh).. I say it what i am craving for, i think its one way i can remind myself that if i give in to my cravings, who will suffer right?

but if you have been very good with the program, you can go and indulge on what you are craving for.. pero you should control din.. kumbaga, reward yourself. :D hehehe

Good topic! To handle cravings, you can drink as much unsweetened Chauchard tea, green tea, or water as you like. If they become really unbearable, you can go ahead and have a snack that's within your blood type and phase.

Cravings also often set in when you're idle, so it's nice to do something so that you're busy, and your mind is off these cravings.


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