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Morale, motivation and the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

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FORUM: Morale, motivation and the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

Pinoy Culture vs. Diet

Sometimes, habits engrained in Pinoy culture aren't so kind to dieters or those on the chubby side. What are they? How do you react? How did you react? What do you do to deal with them?

- Outright saying "Uy, ang taba mo na!" or "Tumaba ka!" - In my chubby days, I got my fair share of this, and ironically, they were from people who themselves were rather large. I was hurt, but I ended up using it as fuel to motivate my weight loss efforts. When I hear those people tell me now "Uy, pumayat ka na!" and they're still large, I just want to shout four-letter words at them!

- Insisting on eating at social events or parties, even when you mention you're on a diet. They make fun of you and don't respect your decision.

- And sometimes, in the office, commenting on my food choices at lunch every single time! "Ba't hindi ka kumakain ng kanin?" or "Uy, kumakain ka ng kanin!" I like rice, but I don't have to eat it at every single meal! Sometimes, I want a sandwich or pasta too. To that, I just retort, "Eh type ko, eh."

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@ hopeful2: Congratulations on losing 18 lbs! :-q

"Now people ask if I am sick. "

See? Ano ba talaga? At first, ayaw ng mataba; ngayon, ayaw na rin ng payat?

I agree with you 100% that in the end, it's your self-esteem that matters. :) But we're only human too in that we feel hurt when other people make tactless comments. Just because it's "culture" doesn't make it right.

- Another Pinoy habit I don't like, and forgive me if I offend others (bato-bato sa langit!): But feeling ashamed of being on a diet is one of them. Yup, I've encountered a few people like that on our programs. They don't tell anyone, perhaps, to avoid the fear of failure and pahiya.

I think it's a bad habit, you're likely to have an "easy out" if you fail. And it automatically puts you into the "I can't do it" mindset. I still think it's best to openly admit that you're on a diet, so it'll help you get into the right mindset.

Yes, it's the Pinoy culture. We could not say something good or we are just plain ignorant.
I have been out of the country for a long time and had traveled all over the world and I am shock of my fellow Pinoy comments or greetings here. " Uy, ang taba mo, instead of just saying hello, how are you!" I am always prepared with my response...Yes, I gain weight eating Filipino foods like you.

I lost 18 lbs with this diet. I started May 06. Now people ask if I am sick.

We should keep our self esteem. We should not be dictated by educated or ignorant people around us. We learn a lot and new things in this program. Now, we know what is good for us. I am grateful that I stumble on the CGND website.

There is a saying that goes " if you could not say something good, don't say it.."

Carmela: "For me unsolicited comments on someone else's weight gain, weight loss, or any other physical characteristics is rude and uncalled for. We all have different body types and systems so anything that has to do with our figure is highly personal. "

I agree! I think we younger and educated Pinoys are more aware of this. The ones who are prone to do this are usually the middle-aged people, or even our grandparents' friends.

Lucky you as well that you have supportive family and friends on your diet! We've encountered a few cases around here when they aren't so supportive...that one now is more, I guess, with the family's own culture.

  • Posted by Catmela
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

Yes, I once got that 'parang tumaba ka, ah' from one of my neighbors. I wanted to punch her in the face. >:) Instead I just stopped talking to her altogether.

For me unsolicited comments on someone else's weight gain, weight loss, or any other physical characteristics is rude and uncalled for. We all have different body types and systems so anything that has to do with our figure is highly personal.

As for eating, so far most of my family and friends have been supportive when I tell them I'm on a diet. I tell them from the start it's sanctioned by my nutritionists and dieticians, to keep irrelevant comments and questions at bay.

Sometimes my friends tease me by offering pork, bacon, burgers, etc. and I tease back by telling them okay, but if I collapse because of the food they've made me eat, they will have to answer to my doctors. ;) But more often they're interested in what kind of diet I'm on and I've invited them to join our community.


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