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Creating your own meals

Hello everyone!

How are you doing with the diet so far?

Do you find it hard to follow the meals. Have you come across the Bonus pages particularly the Meal Structure?

It is a very useful tool to help you create your own meals.
Try using it to help you even manage your diet.

Let us know of your feedback.

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@sp16: Yes, you may refer to the bonus page to create your own meal plan. Just be sure that you also check the pages containing the list of food suitable for your blood type (also found in the Bonus Page). :-q

having a hard time cooking and washing the dishes but coping :) just learned in this topic that i can create my own meal plan and just refer to the bonus page :-q

@mabelle1987: You can substitute dill with basil or parsley :)

hello po..i have difficulty buying the herbs and spices that are of the recipe is poached tuna with dill, what can i put as an alternative for dill?

Yes, of course, you may substitute tofu with fish or chicken :) it depends on your blood type actually. please refer to the BONUS pages under tools

I am on my second week and my lunch today is by far the most difficult meal to finish.

1 cup sliced cucumber and lettuce
Juice of 1 lemon
2 pc braised tofu with dried basil --- :-bd
1 cup plain nonfat yogurt
Chauchard tea

Only having tofu as my protein source is really challenging. I wonder if this can be replaced with any of my normal chicken lunches if this meal appears again in my plan?

We do not actually count calories here in Chrono-Geno Nutrition Diet. We are more particular with the type of food respecting the individual's intolerance and the glycemic index value. :) The timing is also one of the core for this diet since we are aiming to regulate the hormone secretions. :-q

What's the total calorie per day for this chrono geno diet menu?

Yes, coolmom :) You cna have it in between meals if you experience hunger pangs :-q

can i just pop in a tomato or celery anytime during phase 1 even if the total number of meals exceeds 4?


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