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why i did not loos weight?

i only start my program last april 01 until now my 1st week its ok but 3rd week its so hard to loss 4 lbs.

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@chabellsweet: Keep doing your Phase 2 meals this week. It's normal that weight loss may taper down come 3rd week of the program. Let's discuss this some more on the Personal Questions tool so we can advise you specifically about your situation

I lost 2 lbs on my second week :D but it stays there. its half of 3rd week now.... no changes at all. is that ok if I follow some of the meal plans in my first week in exchange for the 3rd week meal plan?

@ Catmela: Love it! That's the right attitude. Keep it up, and you'll get the results you want. :-q

So, ladies, please don't feel frustrated if you feel that you haven't lost weight immediately. It took me one whole month before I lost one pound (I followed a different diet and exercise plan, if I may say so), but what I can share with you is that persistence and hard work really pays off in the end. :x

  • Posted by Catmela
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM


I agree -- in my case, PMS is hell. My PMS takes its own sweet time (over a week) so during that time I'm wrestling with intense food cravings, bloating, water retention, and gas. I confess that sometimes the food cravings win over but after I indulge a little, it's back to the program for me. Plus, my current lifestyle is quite sedentary because of work and home demands (but that changes once school starts). So right now my weight is on stasis mode. But I'll make sure it won't stay like that.

I read elsewhere that you shouldn't allow a bad day turn into a bad month just because you went off your diet a few times, and am sticking by that. Success is the sum of small efforts combined, no matter how long it may take. :)

A few factors that can affect the rate at which you lose weight:
1. How much weight you have to lose. The closer you are to your target weight, or the fewer pounds you have to lose, the slower the weight loss.
2. Monthly cycle. Women tend to gain a few pounds (water retention) when their period is approaching; this will go away like magic after your period.
3. Age. Metabolism is a factor.
4. Lifestyle. Exercise, stress levels, sleep, etc.
5. Genetics.
6. Medical conditions. Hypothyroidism, etc.

Hi ladies,

People come in all shapes and sizes, so when they go though a weight loss program, they will lose at a different rate too. No body is the same. As long as you are consistently losing weight every week, count that as a success already.

As long as you are doing what you should do in this program, every pound lost is well-deserved. :)

I have only lost 4 pound, been a month now :(

I have the same question. I'm currently on my third week and have only lost seven pounds. Though I've been seeing changes physically, shouldn't I be experiencing more weight loss?


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