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How not to overeat?


I will eat for at least ______ minutes per meal.
(Based on studies, it takes 20 minutes for your brain to detect that you are eating and already full.)

I will eat at the _________, without any distractions.
(Eating while watching television, surfing the internet, studying and doing paper works will not give you a feeling of fullness and will make you eat more)

I will chew my food at least _______ times before I swallow it.
(At least 7 chews is recommended to really savor the flavor of the food, however, you are not a robot so just opt to put down your eating utensils and swallow first before you put another spoonful of food in your mouth)

I will record my actual food intake every _____.
(Keeping a record of your actual food intake makes you aware of the not so diet-friendly foods you actually consume. Make it a habit to keep a record and convince yourself to be better each day)

Fill in each blanks and develop new habits today!:)

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