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MINDFUL EATING: hunger scale

Hello everyone!

This week, I want us all to take a conscious effort to EAT MINDFULLY.

One of the best ways to do this is to do a self-check of the hunger feeling. You see, here in The Chrono-Geno Nutrition Diet, we give importance to the timing of meals which is generally 3-4 hour interval. HUNGRY or NOT, you should eat. That way you will be able to manage your metabolism and hormone secretion.

On that note, do you mindfully take your meals at the right time? What is your usual meal time schedule?

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Okay. Thanks Laarni. :)

Hello Ice!

Ideally, you should be eating at 3-4 hour interval in line with the rhythm at which your hormones are being secreted. So hungry or not, you should eat. With regards to the schedule, there's no need to adjust it.

Follow this schedule as much as possible:

Breakfast: 6-8 (latest will be 9am)
Lunch: 11am-1 PM
Snack: 4-5 PM
Dinner: 6-8 PM

Hi Laarni,

What happens if I eat my meal beyond the 4 hour interval? I sometimes do get busy and unable to take my meals at the right time (for example, I'm supposed to eat at 12pm, but instead, took lunch at 2pm). Do I also adjust the timing for my next meals?



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